Nikki Timmermans

Nikki Timmermans

Nikki is an experienced acupuncture practitioner with a focus on treating pain, boosting energy, strengthening the immune system and balancing the digestive system.

Nikki has a keen interest in treating muscular skeletal problems, using acupuncture, ancient Chinese meridian systems, Chinese cupping, and moxibustion.

Women’s health is of particular interest to Nikki. She likes to offer young women a way to treat their monthly cycle naturally and assist with fertility difficulties. Nikki is also passionate about treating middle aged women during the various phases of menopause.

Nikki is the mother of three active children and appreciates the demands of juggling family and working lives. Nikki balances her busy life with regular mindfulness practices, yoga, swimming, cycling and water skiing.

COST per private appt

Initial 120 mins $130.00
Follow up 120 mins $130.00
Initial 60 mins $95.00
Follow up 60mins $95.00
Initial 40 mins $65.00
Follow up 40 mins $65.00

The rates listed are for private session types only. The charge rate may vary for any other appointment types booked in with the practitioner. For any questions relating to charge rates please call the reception team on 02 4314 0400.

*The Allied Health Professionals at HealthPoint each operate their own independent consulting practice.
Please note HealthPoint will recover merchant fees when a payment is processed via card. The merchant fee is a percentage of the total payment amount. The percentage depends on which payment method is used. Information on this is displayed at reception.

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